Senior Professional in Human Resources Management (SPHRM™)

The PHRM™ designation is designed by RMCI for HR practitioner’s candidate or employed in Senior-level Management, Full – time or part-time.

This program equips the participants with appropriate knowledge, skills, and techniques to perform human resource functions and responsibilities in the organization.

The SPHRM™ BOK “body of knowledge” is a recognized standard set by industry professionals and consultants working in the human resources profession. It is designed to answer the question, “What should a Human Resources Manager know and be able to apply to be considered a competent and professional HRM?”

This professional program is designed to provide advance and level knowledge, for the management of human resources in an organization. It offers good blend of theories, practices and case studies in the management of human resources to meet the growing demand for competent HR Professionals. The program has been endorsed by RMCI Global HR Leaders and past graduates have attained successful careers in the industry.


Applicants must meet specific educational and work experience criteria at the time they submit their application, in order to be eligible to sit for the PHRM™ exam. These requirements are outlined below:

* Have at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a Master’s degree or higher,

* Have at least five years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a Bachelor’s degree, OR

* Have at least seven years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a high school diploma.

* Hold higher professional certification in HRM like the PHR

* Agree to abide by the Code of Ethics established by the RMCI

Any applicants with lesser working experience than the above or not holding PHRM™ will be reviewed by the RMCI Certification Board to determine the eligibility for the program.


In order to get certified, participants must meet the eligibility requirements, and pass the RMCI certification exam successfully.

PHRM™ Body of Knowledge

* Leadership and Strategy (40%)
* Talent Planning and Acquisition (16%)
* Learning and Development (12%)
* Total Rewards (12%)
* Employee Relations and Engagement (20%)


The program would be conducted in the English Language by one of the RMCI Approved Training Provider (ATP). 

The ATP® has the qualifications necessary to offer this course. The course is delivered by certified HR® instructors and has been carefully designed to achieve its goal.


Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be conferred the Senior Professional in Human Resources Management™ (SPHRM™)  by RMCI.


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