Become an Approved Training Provider

What is an Approved Training Provider (ATP)?

An ATP is an organization that offers public continuing professional education events/training that are pre-approved based on aligning with RMCI’s Professional Training and Exam Content Outlines.

An individual or organization must apply to become Approved Training Provider (ATP) in a contract based 12-months.

How do I become an RMCI Approved Training Provider (ATP)?
If already an ATP, simply maintain/renew your application every 12-months. To become an ATP, you must apply and register for the program if you or your organization provides HR, PM and CSRM-themed events or activities. These programs must align with the various Exam Content Outlines for the RMCI suite of credentials. Once your events and activities are reviewed and qualified, they become pre-approved as part of the frequently-visited RMCI Approved Training Provider (ATP) Directory listing the network of continuous learning opportunities.

What are the Benefits?

Becoming an RMCI Approved Training Provider opens your programs to a range of benefits. Pre-approval gives you the opportunity to

  • use the Approved Training Provider (ATP) seal to showcase your activity as pre-approved by RMCI and that it offers recertification credit(s). The seal is emailed to the administrator/primary contact every time RMCI approves a submitted activity.
  • A lisence to operate as Approved Training Provider
  • Access an Approved Training Provider Toolkit which provides you with resources and information about ATP requirements and step-by-step guides to marketing your events and activities.
  • Be in a searchable ATP Directory — where RMCI-certified professionals go to find and fulfill their learning and development needs.
  • Access to our online newsletter and all information specially designed for RMCI ATP.
  • A very reduced price (discount) for any of the certification purchased.

Start with Your Approved Training Provider Profile

  • Create/Update your profile and submit your application with payment.
  • Appoint an administrator as the primary contact.
  • Submit related activities that are open to the public.
  • You must also include at least three samples of your programs or activities per calendar year.
  • Apply and sign a 12-month contract, which must be renewed yearly.

For application process, fill the form below or Send us a message : [email protected]


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