Global Identification

Global Standards

Our standards for Program Management, Human Resources Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Customer Service and Relationship Management are the most widely recognized ones in the profession are a model for Resources Management in business and government. They are developed by thousands of RMCI® volunteers with experience in every type of project and provide a common language for the Management Professions around the world.

Our Vision:

RMCI® will be the Global Centre of Excellence and shaping the future of the management profession/professionals through our members and quality standard worldwide. 

Our Mission:

-To provide research, advocacy, and representation to promote the standing of the HR, PM, CSRM profession and engender Management best practice within workplaces

-To advance excellence in HR Management, Project Management and Customer Service and Relationship Management worldwide through collaboration with and support of academic institutions and validating of academic programs.

-To enable our members to excel in their profession through the provision of valued benefits and services that contributes to their professional effectiveness and careers.

Our Values :

– Global services

– Reliability

– Integrity

– Professionalism


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